Are We Being Manipulated?

TranslationI tend to think: YES! based on articles like this.  I’m starting to feel like a lab rat. This is not a new phenomenon – a book I read a few months ago (written by Leftists, but worth buying because …Continue reading →

If You’re a Church Member, Better Prepare

Translation…to have to put more money into the plate – because the GayNazis will be gunning (dare I write that?) for your tax exemption. I’m betting that the IRS will go after the Catholics and the Mormons first.  A lot …Continue reading →

The Confederate Conundrum

TranslationI posted yesterday about the Confederate flag controversy. I came down on the side of removing the flag from the Capital grounds at that time. Iconic flags, the ones that appear at most Southern state capitals, to the one painted …Continue reading →

Republicans Need to Work on This

TranslationNikki Haley is leading a fight that will have repercussions in the 2016 election.  She is calling for the Confederate flag, currently flying on the State Capitol grounds, to be taken down. The urgency of the action is being driven …Continue reading →

Really Find the News Depressing

TranslationIn no particular order: The Data Hack – anyone who had applied for a job in the last 10 years or so is probably most at risk, although this breach could extend over several decades of data.  Read here for …Continue reading →

Last Day of the Workshop

TranslationI’m tired – a good kind of tired. I worked hard, learned some new things, and had some GREAT lunches. But, I’m ready to go home, and get back to organizing/cleaning/paperwork. If possible, by the time I return to school, …Continue reading →

Where to Start?

TranslationI read a post in the New York Times today, that made me wonder how the writer could possibly hold his head up in public again. He was: Self-righteous “I could take what I had been led to believe was …Continue reading →

Have You Ever Been Confused About This Hegemony Thingy?

TranslationThe term “hegemony” is a Leftist buzzword – funnily enough, I’ve NEVER heard a coherent explanation from one of them as to its exact meaning. I suspect that they don’t even really understand it, other than to know it’s VERY, …Continue reading →

Understanding the Beginnings – The Frankfort School

TranslationThe Frankfort School – how Marxism married Freudianism for a Lethal Prescription for American Culture. The Authoritarian Personality – what is it?  Scroll down the page about 1/2 way. The F Scale – which SAYS that it can predict the …Continue reading →

De-Mystifying the ISIS Successes

TranslationAccording to this site, it’s not rocket science, but known principles of war and politics.  Here’s a link to some free pdfs detailing Boyd’s thinking. Want to know more about the Future of War? SOME of the current state of …Continue reading →

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