I’m a Woman in a STEM Career, And…

Translation…I can attest to the fact that sexism against women is almost 100% B$. Men have been my champions, mentors, and supporters – not to mention friends.  I’ve gotten – on the mere request – a recommendation YEARS after we …Continue reading →

The Atrocity From Planned Parenthood

TranslationYeah, I know, there are ALWAYS atrocities from them. This one involves selling human body parts from abortions. ‘Cause, ya know, you NEED to make your money back!  Plus some more! If you are not OUTRAGED, if you are not …Continue reading →

On a Vacay Trip

TranslationMy daughter and I are heading to WV to visit relatives – I have two aunts who are in fragile health, and I hesitate to put off the trip any longer.  They are my father’s sister & sister-in-law. I’m looking …Continue reading →

Some REALLY Good Advice


Some “Solutions” Cause More Problems Than They Resolve

TranslationThis change is one that has been suggested by MANY people. Although it would avoid the problem of the state forcing compliance on the Church, it would be more likely to end up with something like they have in Europe …Continue reading →

How Many Immigrants ARE There in the USA?

TranslationAccording to the US government, approximately 11 million. According to multiple sources, and using different methods of checking it, about 20-30 million – and the higher number is likelier to be more accurate. I found information about the OFFICIAL number …Continue reading →

Some Random Thoughts NOT About SSU (Same Sex Unions)

TranslationI bought the Kindle version of Ann Coulter’s new book about immigration.  I find her TV appearances to be kind of snotty, and there is that think with her endorsement of Romney, but… The book is good.  So far, I’m …Continue reading →

Starting to Climb Out of the Hole We’re In

TranslationIt’s pretty clear that we’re in a precarious position – we’re fast running out of OPM (Other People’s Money), any proposed changes are resisted – with FEROCITY! – and the clanging timpani of the Progressive cymbals is limiting our ability …Continue reading →

Are We Being Manipulated?

TranslationI tend to think: YES! based on articles like this.  I’m starting to feel like a lab rat. This is not a new phenomenon – a book I read a few months ago (written by Leftists, but worth buying because …Continue reading →

If You’re a Church Member, Better Prepare

Translation…to have to put more money into the plate – because the GayNazis will be gunning (dare I write that?) for your tax exemption. I’m betting that the IRS will go after the Catholics and the Mormons first.  A lot …Continue reading →

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